[] Turner Jersey Raising Funds for Clean Water

[] Turner Jersey Raising Funds for Clean Water

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Jersey exchanges are all the rage in the NBA these days, as players trade with one another or with athletes from other sports.

A new exchange program, however, is utilizing the process to provide safe drinking water to schools in Kenya. Underdogs United is sponsoring the fundraiser by enlisting athletes in the major American sports, Olympians and athletes from other countries to donate an autographed jersey in exchange for one custom-made by a tailor in Kenya. The athlete then donates an autographed jersey to be awarded to the highest bidder on the website

It's designed to be a win-win transaction. The athlete gets a unique jersey to keep. The highest bidder gets a piece of memorabilia and donates to a cause. A group of five tailors in Kenya are hired to produce the jerseys and rural schools receive filtration systems for their water supply.

Stephen Gabauer, who founded the organization, said Turner was among the first athletes to join the program. Other NBA players participating include Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Al Horford, and the three Holiday brothers: Justin, Jrue, and Pacers rookie Aaron. 

The bidding for Turner's jersey had reached $280 on Friday.

"I just like what they're doing with everything that's going on in the Motherland," Turner said. "Any time anybody can help anybody over there...I love the stuff (recording artist and producer) Akon is doing, stuff that doesn't get talked about a lot in the media. Anytime anything has something to do with stuff over there in Africa, I want to jump on it."

Turner wore his custom jersey, hand-stitched with what Gabauer described as "unique East African fabrics," to Thursday's game against Philadelphia and said he will keep it in his wardrobe rotation.

Bidding for Turner's jersey ends on Jan. 24. The auction of Holiday's jersey has just begun.

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