Who is Underdogs United?

Underdogs United is a mission-driven company that helps athletes exchange their jerseys for impact and designs sportswear with clean water solutions stitched in. Through our partnership with Impact Water, we fund clean water initiatives for schools in rural Kenya, in the same communities where all of our design and stitching is done too. We employ Kenyan artisans at fair wages and make long-term commitments to the communities where we work.

Where is Underdogs United based?

We’re headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with staff in Washington D.C. We collaborate daily with our team based in the Embulbul community near Nairobi, Kenya.

Is Underdogs United a charity?

We are a social enterprise, meaning that we have a social mission but aim to self-sustain ourselves financially through apparel sales, sponsorships, and sustainability services, rather than donations. Any profits are reinvested with the aim of scaling our social impact. We believe that business can be used as a tool for impact and strive to create sustainable business systems rather than rely on donations alone.



How does Underdogs United work with professional athletes?

Check out a detailed description on the How it Works page. To see which athletes are participating, view our Global Jersey Exchange page.

What is the Global Jersey Exchange?

Inspired by the popular jersey exchange tradition in international sports, we created the Global Jersey Exchange, our own version of the tradition that addresses UN Sustainable Development Goal #6: the basic right to safe drinking water for all people. We’re aiming to impact over 10,000 children with access to safe drinking water through this program by the end of 2019 page.

100% of proceeds from the athlete jersey auctions are dedicated to the safe drinking water initiative. What does that mean?

Underdogs United does not make any profit from the Global Jersey Exchange or the athlete jersey auctions. We recover only the costs to run the program and auctions. For certain athletes participating in the Global Jersey Exchange, we offer a Kenyan-designed jersey in exchange for their signed jersey to auction for the safe drinking water initiative. Funding from the auctions help us recover the basic costs of running the auction and the base cost of making the participating athletes’ jerseys in order to pay the tailors a fair wage for their work. Following each auction, 100% of the auction proceeds are transferred directly to our partner Impact Water, and these funds are dedicated specifically for purchasing, installing, and maintaining water purification systems for schools in rural Kenya.

If I am the winning bidder of an athlete jersey auction, what is included?

The athlete’s signed jersey, a photo of the athlete with the jersey (if available), and additional information on the safe drinking water initiative you’re supporting with your purchase.

What is the return policy for the Global Jersey Exchange auctions? 

All bids and sales are final for the athlete jersey auctions. 



Is Underdogs United apparel built for sports performance?

Although you can play sports and sweat in Underdogs United apparel, the material is not sweat-wicking performance wear. The fabrics are a blend of a soft base polyester and traditional East African fabrics. They are designed for comfort and style rather than pure athletic performance. If you’re looking for a hybrid of sporty and stylish, then Underdogs United is the right brand for you.

What size is best for me?

You can find specifics on fit and the sizing guide on each product page. If you have other sizing questions, contact us.

How are the Underdogs United jerseys made?

Our tailors power a foot-pedal sewing machine to handcraft your jersey. Once it’s finished, they carefully sew on the patches, tags, and add the final touches. From there, we hand wash each jersey, trim the threads, and inspect it for quality before shipping to our HQ in Pittsburgh, PA.

Are the tailors paid a fair wage?

Yes, we pay our tailors above market wage and we are committed to making a positive long-term impact on the communities where we work. In addition to supporting the livelihood of the tailors, Underdogs United apparel production supports many small business owners in our partner Kenyan community.

Can I add a famous athlete's name and number to the back of my jersey?

We cannot add any athlete's name to your jersey without the athlete's permission.

How should I wash and dry my Underdogs United apparel?

We recommend washing the jerseys with cold water cycle. Hang dry.



What are the issues with clean water in Kenya?

90% of schools in Kenya do not have access to safe drinking water. Most Kenyan schools rely on piped or borehole water which is not safe to drink. Diarrhea and water-borne illnesses are a leading cause of childhood mortality globally and especially in rural Kenya. 40% of these cases are attributable to transmission in schools rather than homes. Unsafe drinking water undermines student health and education, slows economic development and causes 502,000 deaths each year. Currently, most schools rely on using firewood to boil their water. Boiling alone does not remove harmful pathogens and bacteria. And boiling with firewood creates a smoky learning environment, air pollution, and contributes to deforestation. So in addition to improving health for children, water purification technologies also improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions globally. 

How are you addressing the issue of safe drinking water?

To help address this problem, we work with Impact Water to fund the purchase, delivery, installation and maintenance of water purification systems for schools in Kenya, such as Unity Primary school. 100% of proceeds from the athlete jersey auctions in the Global Jersey Exchange are dedicated to safe drinking water solutions for Kenyan schools. With each Underdogs United apparel sale, we support a child with safe drinking water for a minimum of four years.

How are you addressing unsafe drinking water in other parts of the world?

Our goal is to continue scaling our work to address health and environmental issues in more communities. We understand that safe drinking water is not only a critical issue in Kenya, so we plan to continue expanding our efforts to address important health, environmental, and social issues through our work.

Who is Impact Water?

We are partnered with Impact Water, who is a social enterprise dedicated to providing safe drinking water solutions at scale. Impact Water serves over 1,300 schools in Africa with their water systems, benefiting over 650,000 students. Their social entrepreneurship model empowers the local community by hiring local technicians to maintain the water systems for longer, and ultimately impact more children with safe drinking water solutions.



What arrives in my package?

Along with the items in your order, we include a profile of the tailor who made your exact jersey and more information about the safe drinking water initiative you're supporting with your purchase.

Who should I contact if there are issues with my order?

Contact our customer service team and we’ll be sure to sort it out.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! All international sales are final.

What is your return policy?

We hope you to love our clothing, but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know within 30 days and we will gladly replace or refund your purchase. The buyer pays return shipping.



  • Returns or exchanges for Underdogs United apparel must be mailed within 30 days of receipt of your purchase.
  • Buyer pays return shipping.
  • Any items auctioned through the Global Jersey Exchange are non-returnable & non-refundable.
  • All international sales are final.
  • All bids for jersey auctions are final.
  • Any and all items that have been laundered or altered in any way cannot be accepted for exchange or credit.
  • Any purchases of UU apparel items that are listed at a sale price are final.
  • We are not liable for lost packages without tracking.
  • Please make note of the tracking number on the return label and keep it for your records.
  • Underdogs United is not responsible for customs fees or packages lost in customs.
  • Underdogs United is not liable for exchanges or returns sent without a return form submitted.



Can we contact you about press inquiries?

Absolutely! Contact us using the form below.

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