The Process


It starts in Kenya

Underdogs United designs and stitches all of our clothing in-house. Our apparel blends influences from modern sportswear and East African style.


We use the good stuff

From traditional Kenyan fabrics sourced from family-run shops to a soft polyester base, we use premium textiles for our clothing.


Every jersey is crafted by hand

After the tailors cut the fabrics, they carefully stitch the jersey, sew on the patch, and send them for embroidery and a series of quality checks.


Fresh jerseys for fresh water

Over 90% of schools in Kenya do not have access to safe drinking water. We’re committed to being part of the solution. With each Underdogs United sale, we support a child with safe drinking water for a minimum of four years through our partnership with Impact Water.


And off it goes

After the jerseys are hand washed and individually inspected, they’re packaged up and ready for you! In your package, we include a photo and bio of the tailor who made your exact shirt.



Find your style.