How It Works

We've Auctioned Over 70 Athletes’ Signed Jerseys

Athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and all over the world are auctioning their autographed jerseys to support safe drinking water solutions for children in rural Kenya. We’ve partnered with 70+ athletes from 15 countries and 20 leagues through our Global Jersey Exchange.


Supporting Safe Drinking Water Solutions for Children in Kenya

90% of schools in Kenya do not have access to safe drinking water. We’re committed to being part of the solution. All of the proceeds from the athletes' jersey auctions are dedicated to water purification systems for Kenyan schools. With each Underdogs United apparel sale, we support a child with safe drinking water for a minimum of four years through our partnership with Impact Water.


In Exchange, the Athletes Receive an Underdogs United Jersey

For each jersey donated, we stitch a custom Kenyan-designed jersey for the participating athletes. We’re grateful that some of the biggest stars in sports have rallied behind our mission. This united effort from athletes globally inspires the Underdogs United apparel collection.


This Exchange Also Supports Tailors in the Same Kenyan Community 

We employ Kenyan artisans at fair wages and make long-term commitments to the communities where we work. This work supports the local economy and the livelihoods of families in the Embulbul community near Nairobi.